Our Children's Eco Village in Tanzania as you've never seen it before - from a drone!!! Stunning aerial shots. http://t.co/PD4aUNnV90
@ihmissions in B'ham Centenary Square today (till 6pm). Stop by, say hello to them! And sign up for Mission Possible! http://t.co/lQNX3XFNCc
Tomorrow’s weather forecast for London. Nice & warm, lovely evening for a stroll. Sistersonly! http://t.co/9gXKoU2UBK http://t.co/Sszpft0OTz
£1 a day to change an orphan's life. Can you afford not to take up the opportunity? The rewards are eternal. http://t.co/njUQGxsnng
“Have you seen the one who denies the Judgement (to come)? For that is the one who drives away the orphan..” (Qur’an) http://t.co/njUQGxsnng
Apologies, it is of course Lancashire Group (not House) which has financed Eco Village 2 children's homes so far! http://t.co/Hez2vFV8HU
Thanks to Lancashire House. It won't cost you £50k to help an orphan tho'. Just £1 a day is all! #BeOnewiththeOrphan. http://t.co/miWaJj6SnL
Big shout out to Lancashire House insurance group which financed both Eco Village children's homes, £50k for each. http://t.co/yFawJ8nif3