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Permaculture Farming

Permaculture Farming is a highly innovative concept that has been gaining wide spread acclaim and recognition within the agriculture industry. The idea stems from the popular notion that the world should be cleaner and healthier for all living inhabitants and crops. Going green and promoting an ecologically friendly environment is one of the fundamental concepts upon which the Children’s Eco Village is based on and the key reason why Islamic Help has incorporated permaculture farming into their overall plans in order to assist farmers and local villagers.

Permaculture farming has made ecological food production more streamlined and productive. Rather than adopting potentially hazardous man-made farming methods, permaculture farming takes into account the natural principles of farming which are easier to implement and are environmentally less strenuous on the planet.

The end outcome and the most noticeable one, is higher yields for farmers and villagers which in turn results in higher yearly income and improved living standards.

Islamic Help’s Children’s Eco Village consists of 30 acres of land that is ideal for growing organic vegetables as well as raising organically fed livestock. Using permaculture farming techniques, we have been able to significantly increase our seasonal and yearly harvests. Last year’s yields alone brought about abundant quantities of aubergines, tomatoes, green chillies and okra.

Creating New Jobs for Farmers

There are other noteworthy benefits of having such farms aside from higher yields. For one, they create much needed jobs for the local villagers. Islamic Help trains them to adopt permaculture farming practices in order to maximize their harvests. The produce grown from these farms is then consumed by the residents of the Eco Village and also sold in the local markets to generate additional income.

Such farmhouses also make a great getaway retreat for families and friends visiting as a group, resulting in yet another source of income. First time visitors get a first-hand look at permaculture farming in action and how it is changing lives of not just the harvesters but also the consumers.

Features of the farm include:

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Rearing of livestock including chickens, goats and cows
  • Bee hives
  • Seasonal crops such as maize, ground nuts
  • Farm quarters, store and office
  • A pond with fish and ducks

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