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Donate £100

Poultry (5 hens, 1 rooster + small coop)

These anaimals are low maintenance and provide families with much needed food and income

Donate £250

One Cow

One cow will provide a family with regular milk to consume for themselves and sell in the market

Donate £200

Chickens, ducks and guinea fowls,

Poultry will provide families with much needed food and an income

Donate £50

Bee Hive

Bee keeping is playing such a key role in family life as it is providing them with an essential income

Donate £60,000


These home are designed to develop the physical, psychological and emotional growth of vulnerable children 

Donate £100

Irrigation System

Irrigiation systems allow crops to grow which helps families and whole communities

Donate £1,500


Our ponds provide a habitat for fish, water fowl and ducks, all enriching the ecosystem