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Sustainable Livelihoods

Livelihood projects provide families with sustainable incomes which improve their lives in the long term. This in turn allows for children to receive a better education, which in turn helps them find work to support themselves, helping improve the economic activity of their communities and create more jobs.

The key to escaping poverty lies not in hand-outs or emergency aid but in giving communities the opportunities and tools to better their lives and improve their prospects of a secure economic future. Islamic Help has initiated livelihood projects, ranging from bee-keeping and livestock to rickshaw taxis, to help the poorest achieve these aims.


Water is fundamental to life yet even today hundreds of millions of people around the world have little to no access to safe and clean water.

The provision of clean and safe water for drinking and domestic use is a core aspect of Islamic Help’s work. We provide a range of solutions, from hand pumps for a household to a variety of community wells and larger purification and filtration plants. These solutions improve the quality of life every year for hundreds of thousands of people in some of the poorest communities in countries like Bangladesh, Cameroon, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Donors are provided with a plaque on the hand pump or well recording their name and the name/s of people they wish to remember or honour (subject to character limitations). They also receive a feedback report with photos and details of where their donation has been used and the people it is benefiting.

You can donate for a hand pump or water well here.


Our orphan sponsorship programme aims to provide a haven for orphan children to grow up and pursue their talents in order to become successful individuals and leaders of their communities. Currently, Islamic Help is supporting more than 2500 orphans in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Not only do we provide them with the security of food, water, shelter, healthcare and education, but our programmes are tailored to help their psycho-social development. This means psychological support for children who have been victims of war, disaster or suffering; extra-curricular activities and mentoring. One of our most successful examples of this has been our Umrah for Orphans programme which, every year, takes hundreds of Palestinian orphans on the Umrah pilgrimage to the Holy Lands in Saudi Arabia.

Provide an orphan with the opportunity and support that puts them on the road to a fruitful and prosperous future. Sponsor an orphan today here.


Part of our work in improving the quality of life for people in need includes critically analysing the surrounding environment and taking steps to improve it. This includes empowering people to make their surroundings better, more efficient and productive.

We understand the importance of a healthy environment and create strategies that positively impact the residents that live in it. One of our most successful environmental projects centres on the Children’s Eco Village in Tanzania.

Children’s Eco Village: Started in March 2012 in 30 acres of lush green landscape just outside the capital Dar es Salam, the CEV will provide a healthy and naturally flourishing environment for more than 160 orphans in which to live in, learn and grow. On completion, it will have 16 Eco Homes for the orphans, a sports ground, a mosque, community centre, library and permaculture farm.

Eco Mosque: Located in the Eco Village, it provides religious, educational, social, and cultural activities for the surrounding community. Using natural resources and green technologies, the entire building structure is based on environmentally-friendly principles and provides the backbone to the community by sharing its eco-ethos.

Trees for Change: Trees promote a healthy environment. They keep the atmosphere pure and provide fresh, clean air. Islamic Help’s Trees for Change campaign is responsible for planting trees in and around the Children’s Eco Village to conserve the environment. To this date, over 30,000 trees have been planted as well as 68,000 saplings.

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