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The Eco Mosque in the Children’s Eco Village provides religious services, educational, social cultural and similar activities for the community and serves as a resource for information and cultural co-operation.

Islamic Help introducing Eco Mosques

Imagine a mosque that is built from the ground up on an environmentally friendly backbone for the community it serves. The Eco Mosque is a one-of-a-kind structure and believed to be the only mosque in Africa designed completely on green technology. Whilst being a key attraction of the Children’s Eco Village, the mosque is the epicentre of some of the most important day-to-day activities, ranging from religious services and educational counselling to social and cultural interaction, discussions and debates. The Eco Mosque is an invaluable educational resource for inter-faith and inter-cultural support as well as helping to create awareness in maintaining a clean environment.

Everything about the Eco Mosque has been carefully planned and executed. It is built on high ground which allows for a swift flow of wind, sunlight and water. It can currently accommodate a congregation of over 160 people. As a result of the kind donations of generous supporters and well-wishers, the mosque was completed in July 2012, with its first prayer service being held in Ramadan the same year.

Salient Features of the Eco Mosque

The Eco Mosque features some of the most innovative green technologies available. Below are a few of its noteworthy features.

Reduced Noise Pollution –Most mosques are fitted with microphones and speakers so that sound can reach all corners. The Eco Mosque has been meticulously designed by architects to create a natural echo in the prayer hall, therefore eliminating the need for a microphone or speaker system.

Natural Air Flow and Ventilation – The Eco Mosque benefits from plenty of natural light and ventilation thanks to its large windows and high ground position, which consequently reduces the need for fans and internal lighting.

Solar Power –The Eco Mosque is fully solar powered which keeps energy usage to a minimum. The solar panels mounted on the Mosque are used to operate lighting, plumbing and fans.

Water Collection and Management –Wudhu (ablution) is a vital part of prayer. The Eco Mosque has three water collection tanks that hold 2000 litres of water each, allowing plenty of water for the performance of wudhu.

Particular emphasis is given to water management so waste water from wudhu is then used to irrigate the land. This saves over 225 litres of water every day.

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