At Islamic Help we run an education sponsorship scheme, where for just £10 a month,you can support the education of a child in a developing country. The money you provide helps to cover the cost of education such as school fees, learning equipment, school bags, books and their school uniform.                                                    

Millions of children around the world are being deprived of an education because they can’t afford to attend school. We want to fix that and with your help, we know we can. We believe that education will help bring families out of the cycle of poverty, so that they no longer have to rely on handouts and are able to regain their confidence and dignity.

Join Islamic Help and make a donation of £10 a month or a single donation of £120 to sponsor a child’s education for a year.

The first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from the Angel Gabriel was the command ‘Iqra’ – Read! It was a command that was repeated three times and it became the first verse of the Quran revealed by Gabriel.

“Read in the name of your Lord who created -created man from a clot. Read: for your Lord is Most Bountiful, who teaches by the pen, teaches man that which he knew not.” (Quran 96:1-5)The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) also said: “God, His angels and all those in Heavens and on Earth, even ants in their hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 422

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