Islamic Help

Smiles Better was supported by Katie Piper who acted as an ambassador for the campaign for several years. A survivor of a brutal acid attack, she has been campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness of the growing phenomenon of acid attacks and to fundraise for other survivors. Her remarkable story, which was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary Katie: My Beautiful Face and is also recounted in her book Beautiful, has inspired so many to support the campaign.

“I was very proud to be an Ambassador for Islamic Help. I was affiliated with it for a number of years and very much admired its work. Having been a victim of an acid attack myself, I know too well the devastation caused as a result and the impact it has on someone’s life. I was lucky enough to be treated in the UK and have some of the best treatment. I have so much respect for Islamic Help because they are striving to help those who live in developing countries and provide the type of surgical support necessary that they would not otherwise have had”.