Syrian Orphan Sponsorship

Syrian Orphan Sponsorship

Over 5 years of conflict has left thousands of people dead in Syria and forced millions to flee to neighbouring countries to seek refuge. This along with a multitude of other reasons such as hunger and lack of medical aid has left thousands of children as Orphans, trying to cope with the death and destruction that sarrounds them. 

At Islamic Help, we’re working with our partners White Hands to try and support as many Syrian Orphans as possible but we desperately need your generous donations to make this happen. It only costs £480 to sponsor a child for the year, that’s as little as £40 a month to help a Syrian Orphan who has witnessed more death and destruction than many of us can imagine. 

These children require urgent care and attention, that’s exactly what they’ll receive from Islamic Help and our specially trained team. 

Your donation will mean that they have clean clothes to wear, they have food to eat and wont go to bed hungry or have to search for bread crumbs. They’ll have access to an education where possible and most of all, they will be safe, protected from the cruel elements that sarround them and the predators that wish to abduct them and force them into child labour.

Please sponsor a Syrian Orphan child today and help bring some comfort to their lives. You will receive a picture of the child that you’re supporting and an information pack telling you more about them and their condition. For only £40 a month, you can help shed some light on the darkness that currently sarrounds them. 

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