Hand Ups, Not Handouts.

We believe that the most effective long term solution to escaping poverty lies not in hand-outs or emergency aid but in a ‘hands up’ approach. Giving struggling communities the opportunities, means and tools to establish sustainable livelihoods improves their prospects of a more stable and secure economic future. It also means reducing their need for charity or aid – but to reach that point we need to invest in livelihoods and that requires your support.

Investing in their Futures

Donating for livelihoods is more of an investment than a donation. Livelihoods mean families have sustainable incomes which improve their lives in the long term. This, in turn, gives children the chance of a better education, thereby improving their prospects of employment; increasing the economic activity of communities and creating more jobs. Economic empowerment also brings the added benefits of community resilience and reduced reliance on external aid.

Reaping the Benefits

Our livelihood projects have provided not only physical assets but training and support, allowing communities to reap the full benefits of economic empowerment. We've supported over 100 individuals sustain an income from bee-keeping and empowered women in local villages to generate an income from sewing. It's this mentality of uplifting those in need that ensures your donation will change someone's life today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future.