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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the countries in which we support orphans have introduced lockdowns and self-isolation for their citizens. As a result, our teams in those countries are currently unable to travel to the orphans we support to collect their updated information. Consequently, our orphan sponsors may find there are delays in receiving their feedback reports this year.

We apologise for the inconvenience but thank you for your continuing support, patience and understanding. We would like to assure you that we are working hard to ensure that all our orphans continue to benefit from your generous donations.

Every 22 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child is orphaned.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide every orphan with as much care and opportunity, as though they were our own children” 

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Life is no doubt hard for these children. Fortunately, there is a system in place today that gives them access to some of the essentials of life such as food, clothing, shelter and education. Islamic Help’s Sponsor an Orphan campaign strives to improve the livelihood of orphan children who have lost the most important thing in their lives; their parents.

Change a child’s life  today by giving orphans and disabled children  the help they need to succeed.

Your donation will have both an immediate and long-lasting benefit to the  life of a vulnerable  orphan or disabled child.

Orphans Sponsorship

What Does Islamic Help’s Orphan Sponsorship Programme Include?

1. Educating children to study their way out of poverty and become leaders in their communities

2. Psychological support for children who have been victims of war, disaster or suffering

3. Extra-curricular activities in addition to studies to help them develop mentally and physically outside of school

4. Mentoring provided to children with emotional issues and any other developments

5. Providing orphans with proper health care, routine check-ups and immunisations

6. Adequate shelter arrangement either at an orphanage or with a family

IMPORTANT: Please note, once you have started sponsoring an orphan via direct debit, you will receive an information sheet every few months relating to one of these categories: education, housing and health. The main feedback report will be sent to you after a minimum of 12 months sponsorship.

For one-off orphan sponsorships, the full amount (£360 or £480) must be paid in full before any information sheets or reports are sent.

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Sponsor an Orphan in Africa or Asia for £360 (or £30/month)

Sponsor an Orphan in the Middle East for £480 (or £40/month)

What Does Islamic Help’s Disabled Children Sponsorship Programme Include?

Islamic Help sponsors disabled children who have either been born disabled or have been left with permanent disabilities as a result of conflict and war.

We support many children where due to recent conflicts, thousands of children have been left disabled and without even basic tools to care for their needs. Our sponsorship programme provides every child with the individual care they deserve.

1. Basic care such as shelter to ensure all children are in safe and caring environments.

2. Food and clothing to ensure the children are fed nutritious meals and given comfortable clothes.

3. Medical assistants to monitor the personal well-being of every child to ensure they feel comfortable and happy.

4. Equipment that they require such as wheelchairs, hearing aids and medical walking sticks to help ease their suffering.

5. The children are also provided with psychological rehabilitation which will involve various forms of therapy from trained professionals on a regular basis.

Disabled Children Sponsorship

Your donation can provide hope to these orphan and disabled children to give them the ambition and desire to succeed in life and make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

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Our sponsorship programme aims at providing a haven for orphan children to grow up and pursue their talents in order to become successful individuals and leaders of their community. Currently, Islamic Help is supporting more than 2500 orphans in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.