Providing Stability

Our orphans and childcare programmes ensure that the most vulnerable of youngsters – orphans and disabled children – have the security and stability that every child deserves. Not only are their daily needs met but they have the opportunities for development, while psychological and emotional support lessens the risks of them falling prey to crime or exploitation. Your sponsorship has an immediate and long-lasting benefit on the life of a vulnerable child.

Investing in humanity

By sponsoring an orphan or disabled child, our supporters are making a significant difference in the lives of those children, their families and, by extension, their communities. Sponsoring a child is a commitment to changing that child’s life for the better. It is an investment in humanity – a decision to make sure that the child is not just a statistic or ends up reliant on aid, but is given the hope and opportunity of a brighter and constructive future.

Meeting needs

Orphan sponsorship means that not only are a child’s essential needs – food, water, access to education and medical care – met but they receive support for their psycho-social development. That includes extra-curricular activities outside school; psychological support for those who are victims of conflict or disaster; equipment and rehabilitation for the disabled; mentoring to help with emotional issues. Every sponsor receives individualised feedback.