Supporting Schools

During their deployments, volunteers provide valuable support to schools and assist with teaching. It gives them a perspective on the children’s environment and lives while, in return, the youngsters are enthused with excitement as they welcome their ‘temporary’ teachers. The volunteers are also involved hands-on in improving the physical environment. They distribute equipment for use in the classrooms, stationery and school bags to the children as well as taking part in renovation of school buildings.

Visiting Orphanges

Volunteers visit and support our orphanages and orphan projects. They get theopportunity to meet with orphans that we sponsor under our Worldwide Orphan Sponsorship Scheme. We also try to ensure that our volunteers get to organise a fun day with the orphans, either at the orphanage or at a local attraction like a zoo. In addition equipment and resources are also provided by the volunteers to the orphanages.

Malaria Prevention

Malaria remains a big killer in the developing world. As part of Mission Possible we carry out a Malaria prevention awareness campaign which includes leaflet distribution and workshops. In addition we also distribute mosquito nets.

Livelihood Projects

Income generation is a real challenge for many in the developing world. In supporting people out of poverty we provide opportunities for setting up small businesses. Our Mission Possible volunteers have the opportunity of assisting in this and in identifying viable opportunities and helping to establish the actual enterprises.

Community Awareness Projects

We have a number of initiatives that seek to increase awareness of certain issues and to assist in tackling those issues. Our Mission Possible volunteers assist in the delivery of some of the awareness seminars and programmes that we run.

Water Solutions

Water scarcity is a real problem and over 1 billion people still lack access to clean water and 2.5 billion lack adequate sanitation. We build water pumps, wells and other solutions to water scarcity including rain water harvesting systems. Our Mission Possible volunteers have the opportunity of being involved in these projects.

Environmentally Sustainable Projects

Sustainability is key to any solutions that we provide to poverty, disadvantage and hunger. We seek to ensure that the solution we provide has long term benefits and is sustainable and eco-friendly. Our volunteers are involved in the discussions on this and in the projects that we run.

Health Programmes

In addition to Malaria prevention initiatives we also have others initiatives that assist in the improvement of health and hygiene so as to minimise the exposure to disease. Our volunteers assist in the delivery of such programmes of awareness.

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