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£20 – Provide A Baby With New Clothes & Essentials
£30 – Routine Health Checks for One Pregnant Woman (7-8 checks)
£300 – Medical Costs for One Normal Birth
£600 – Medical Costs for One C-Section Birth

For Syrian families already struggling against the hardships they face as refugees, the arrival of a new-born is not only a time of joy but also concern. Many – especially those in unofficial refugee camps – face shortages of the essentials of life including food, water and shelter.

With little or no financial support and the lack of medical facilities, the birth of a child not only places additional burdens on a family but brings with it the risk of endangering the baby’s life and that of the mother. Even for those who are in refugee camps set up by international aid agencies or governments, or fortunate to be taken to hospital, the lack of financial help places further stress on them.

Jordan houses nearly 3 million refugees, of which more than 650,000 are Syrians (UNHCR, Oct 2019) who have fled the conflict in their nation.

Of the Syrian refugees in Jordan, more than half are women. It’s estimated that approx 90,000 are aged 18-25 years.

No one knows how many babies have been born to Syrian refugee mothers in Jordan but UNFPA, the UN’s Population Fund, said that 16,000 refugees were pregnant at any one time. 

Syrian refugees are not allowed work permits. Their expenditure – approx £500 per month per family – is double  their income and about a tenth of that expenditure is on health services.

In November 2014, the Jordanian government rescinded the free health care it had provided to Syrian refugees making it nearly impossible for many would-be mothers to cover the cost of delivery in a hospital.


Islamic Help is providing expecting mothers with everything they require for a safe birth.

Through the ‘Birth’ programme, we cover hospital and delivery costs and immediate aftercare costs such as sanitary items, baby clothes, food and items needed for both mother and child.

Between its opening in 2015 and October 2019, it has seen more than 23,700 patients.

During that time, 3,672 babies have been born healthy and safe to Syrian refugee mothers helped by the Birth Clinic.

As well as normal deliveries, it includes Caesareans in cases of emergency or where complications jeopardise the mother’s or/and baby’s health and safety

In the unfortunate circumstances where a new-born or mother requires further care, we will do our best to provide this. At present, many women are forced to give birth at ‘home’ – even in makeshift tents – due to financial restrictions and in circumstances which are unsafe for mother and child.

Many women are also unable to use hospital facilities, as they are unregistered refugees. The infrastructure in Jordan and Lebanon has been stretched to almost breaking point, due to the daily influx of thousands of refugees.

With the help of our supporters, Islamic Help wants to help as many of these mothers as possible to safely give birth, to know that their new-born arrives into this world in a safe and caring environment.

We want to establish a system that caters to the needs of thousands of pregnant Syrian refugees and their new-borns.

Please support our Birth: Supporting Syrian Mothers & Babies campaign.

See how your donation can make a difference

£20 – Provide A Baby With New Clothes & Essentials
£30 – Routine Health Checks for One Pregnant Woman (7-8 checks)
£300 – Medical Costs for One Normal Birth
£600 – Medical Costs for One C-Section Birth

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