Your Qurbani Donation Can Go a Long Way

4 th September, 2017

Many countries across the world are currently facing extreme poverty, be it due to lack of shelter, nourishment, clothing or due to destruction caused by war and conflict. Either way, many of those affected lack even the most basic of essentials such as food, water and sanitation. Some of these people have had to face a  lifelong battle with food scarcity whilst some have had to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring countries, facing a continuous lack of resources.  

This year, your Qurbani donation could go towards addressing some of the food crises around the world, giving those suffering from a lack of nourishment the opportunity to be able to celebrate and join in the festival of Eid-ul-Adha too.

Qurbani 2017

The act of Qurbani is to sacrifice a livestock animal in honour of the selfless love and devotion Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) had towards Allah SWT. This act is performed during Eid-ul-Adha, following Eid prayers and the Qurbani meat is divided into three equal shares; one portion for yourself, one portion for your family and friends and one portion for those in need.

With your continuous support, Islamic Help aims to reach out to and support as many people who are suffering from a lack of food and water as possible this year. The time of Qurbani is a key opportunity to help combat some of the current food emergencies worldwide and give thousands of people the chance to celebrate the joyous festival of Eid-ul-Adha, too.

Donate with Islamic Help and ensure your Qurbani donation goes a long way towards helping those in need this year, along with fulfilling one of your core obligations.                                                                                            

Give our team a call on 012 1446 5682 today or for more information on Islamic Help’s Qurbani campaign or to donate, please see here.             



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