Yemen Food Aid for 92k People

29 th October, 2018

More than 92,000 people in war-torn Yemen have received desperately needed food supplies in a partnership between Islamic Help and the Islamic Development Bank.

Food packs, each weighing more than 50kg, were distributed to 13,187 households in Azal Province and Hajja Governate as part of the Emergency Food Assistance Project.

The beneficiaries were targeted to help ease their food security in the current civil conflict which has left millions on the verge of starvation. The areas selected for the four-month long project were Azal Province and Hajja Governorate which include Sana’a Capital, Hajja, Sana’a, Dhamar, Sa’dah and Amran Governorates.

A strong relationship has been built by Islamic Help and local councils in the chosen governates and this helped identify the most vulnerable groups and IDPs (internationally displaced persons) to receive the food packs on a needs basis.

The project was funded by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and implemented by Islamic Help. It also required the approval of Yemen’s International Ministry of Planning and International Co-operation.

Once beneficiaries had been identified, they were given vouchers 24 hours prior to the food distribution in their area. At the distribution, the vouchers were matched with the beneficiaries’ identification, which was obtained during the selection process, and beneficiaries also had to be fingerprinted as part of the verification procedure, before the foodstuffs were handed to them.

The contents of the food packs were provided by suppliers who were chosen after a rigorous tendering process.

Each food pack contained: Flour (25kg); Rice (10kg); Sugar (5kg); Cooking Oil (3 litres); Kidney Beans (24 cans); Dates (2kg); Pasta (1.2kg); Powder Milk (2.5kg); Tea (1kg); Tomato paste (1.6kg).

Each food item was listed on the beneficiary voucher which also listed the recipient’s name, code number, details of the distribution, general instructions plus a phone number for complaints.

An Islamic Help spokesman said project management, transparency and efficiency had shown that invaluable aid could be delivered to people in Yemen despite the problems posed by the conflict.

“There were some concerns, especially in the Hajja and Sa’dah governates for example where there is active military conflict and air strikes, so the safety of our teams and the beneficiaries was paramount and we couldn’t ask them to gather in one location.

“The assistance of the authorities and local tribal leaders also helped to ensure the distributions were carried out in an orderly manner and the food aid went to the vulnerable and IDPs who had been selected as part of a very careful process.”

“The beneficiaries expressed their delight at receiving such large food packs – many said it was the first time they had received such an aid package – and that it would help them with food security for several weeks.

“On behalf of Islamic Help, we can only thank the IsDB for its generosity in providing for thousands of people in Yemen at a time when they’re in desperate need, and we look forward to continuing our work with them to benefit people in need.”

More than 8 million people are on the brink of starvation and 2 million are internally displaced in Yemen.  You can help today.

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