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World Water Day

24 th February, 2015

Clean water is essential to life, and many of us have grown accustomed to having it on tap. However, in poorer or developing countries, clean water becomes a rare necessity, which is why we should show our support this year on World Water Day.

Water isn’t only important for our health, it is also vital for a location’s sustainability and agriculture. In many regions around the world, villages use water sparingly, and farms and other types of cultivation aren’t as successful. With this in mind, Islamic Help has a handful of projects in place to help these countries with development.

As part of our efforts in Tanzania, has focused on clean water supplies in this region. Not only have we constructed solar powered wells and clean water pumps for a safer supply, we also keep our supporters up to date with our projects.

This is just a small insight into what we do as a charity all year round in just one specific region. March, in particular, is a special month when it comes to providing support to developing countries. World Water Day (22nd March) is about more than just recognising the countless benefits that water brings to a community. It provides a chance for people like you and me to get involved in something greater than ourselves.

So, let’s take a look at what water means for these countries.

#WaterIs – Growth

For many regions around the world, water can foster growth, and not just in terms of the size of a community. Water can play a huge role in promoting sustainable development, seasonal cultivation and, as a result, community-wide empowerment. This growth can impact regions both financially and psychologically, generating hope and vision on all levels.

#WaterIs – Ecological Development and Livelihoods

On top of growth, an adequate supply of fresh water can mean a step forward in terms of ecological development too. Not only will it help with farming, it also opens the doors to improved livelihoods, presenting more opportunities for families to make a living. This, in itself, is a huge (positive) shift for villages, and the financial benefits gift the communities with the prospect of education and a brighter future for children.

#WaterIs – Hope

It goes without saying that water and all the possibilities it comes with provide hope to many regions, empowering them to make a change and encouraging us to continue supporting less fortunate communities.
So, what does World Water Day mean to you?

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