Islamic Help

Winter help for refugees

29 th January, 2015

For refugees – Syrians and Palestinians – who have sought sanctuary in Jordan, winter brings its own additional hardships.

Already struggling for food security, clothing and shelter, the snow and freezing temperatures leaves many, especially children and the vulnerable, at risk of disease and ill-health.

In January 2015, Islamic Help carried out distributions of fuel and warm clothing to hundreds of refugee families to help them cope with the harsh winter conditions.

With the help of our supporters, including donors from South America, our team in Jordan distributed gas cylinders and wood for fuel and warm clothing for children and adults.

As part of our ongoing relief efforts, in Irbid we distributed 100 gas cylinders to 500 Palestinian refugees and another 130 to 650 Syrian refugees, along with hundreds of items of clothing ranging from babywear to adult clothes and blankets.

Just metres from the Syrian border, Syrian refugees have set up their own makeshift camps, devoid of amenities and with their only shelter provided by flimsy tents. In one of these camps, at Jarash, we supplied 400kg of firewood to help 200 beneficiaries have some heat and warmth in these stark conditions.

Please continue to support the refugees.