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Why Sponsor an Orphan with Islamic Help

17th May, 2015

If you want to do your part for developing countries, but you’re unsure of how best to donate your time or money to a good cause, why not sponsor an orphan.
Here at Islamic Help, we offer three options for those who want to sponsor an orphan or support the General Orphan’s Fund by making a monetary contribution. So, you can pick the one that suits your lifestyle best, all the while doing your part for those in need.
Aside from this convenience, why else should you consider sponsoring an orphan with Islamic Help? Read on to see just three reasons.
A Chance at Education
Here in the UK, we often take our children’s education for granted, but in reality, it is such a privilege; one that Islamic Help are trying to introduce more and more in developing countries. Our orphan sponsorship programme helps to provide education to orphans so that they may go on to lead their communities, as well as excel in all areas of a stable adult life.
Shelter, Support and Studies
For those who don’t have sufficient shelter, we will arrange for orphans to live with a family or at an orphanage, where they will receive care and daily life essentials. This isn’t all though, as Islamic Help are also using contributions to provide adequate support to those who have suffered psychologically, ensuring they receive the help they need.
As for studies, there are plenty of extra-curricular activities to help further their development, both in education, and as a person.
The Healthcare They Need
On top of all this, Islamic Help is working towards ensuring all orphans receive the routine healthcare they need. This includes immunisations and even regular check-ups to help ensure optimal health.
These are just a few reasons to sponsor an orphan with Islamic Help. Of course, there are many other ways to do your part too. So get in touch today for more information or see our website for details on how to donate, whether it is monthly, yearly or a one-off payment.