Why is Education so Important?

27 th April, 2017

For the majority of us, education is an essential part of life, something which we feel entitled to and don’t really think about the ins and outs of – education is something that we all experience; just another part of life. But for many children across the world, education is seen as a luxury, something which only a handful of people get the chance to have.

Education is vital, so it is our aim to change this for the better. Join our cause and sponsor a childto help us in providing access to an education for orphans and disadvantaged children worldwide.

What Makes Education so Important?

Education provides us with the vital skills necessary to learn about the world around us; it gives children the tools they need to navigate the world and is also essential for successfully integrating children into society as they get older.

Without education, children wouldn’t have the ability to develop crucial life skills like reading, writing, and a basic understanding of numbers. They would struggle to communicate effectively and would grow up finding themselves unable to perform jobs proficiently.

How Does Education Help Disadvantaged Children?

Of course, many of the children who don’t have access to an education simply have no choice in the matter. Orphans and disadvantaged children find themselves in desperate need – and when you are struggling to survive, life essentials like food, shelter, warm clothing and clean water are understandably much more of a priority than an education.  

Similarly, in some countries, access to an education just isn’t something that is widely available. Education can be expensive, and going to school every day means that children cannot work and bring in money to help support their families. Sadly, not being in a position to go to school isn’t an isolated issue – it is commonplace for many children throughout the world. Living in a war-torn country causes many children and their families to become refugees; fleeing the conflict by trying to escape into neighbouring countries. A life lived on the move is not conducive for an education; growing up without stability, and in many cases, a loving family and steady home can have a real impact on the development of children in areas affected by war and conflict.

Don’t take your education for granted. Help us to provide these children with an education – sponsor a child with Islamic Help today.



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