Why Giving is Important in Islam

4 th September, 2018

Most of us are taught the importance of sharing from a very young age. Giving to others is not only a way of providing ourselves with a sense of usefulness to others, but it also gives us a warm feeling of satisfaction in the knowledge that we are able to contribute something positive towards the world and the people who inhabit it. Whether we choose to accumulate funds through a local charity event or raise awareness through sponsorship, that ‘feel-good factor’ is ultimately what most of us look to accomplish for ourselves.

In Islam, giving a percentage of your annual profitable disposable income is an obligation upon qualifying Muslims. Not only does this go a long way towards promoting an equal and balanced society, but sharing our God-given wealth amongst others is a way of ridding ourselves of any greed and materialism and purifying our souls in the process.

Not only is giving to and helping others a core principle that is highly encouraged in Islam, but it is also an act which greatly pleases Allah (SWT) and is generously rewarded in return.

Allah (SWT) promises to reward us in multiple ways – both in this world and in our Hereafter – for sharing our wealth with those less fortunate than ourselves.

An Obligation Towards Humanity

Not only does helping others open our eyes to the ongoing issues of the world, but it also instils compassion and empathy for others within us and pulls us away from potentially selfless acts as a result. The notion of giving to others also acts as a great reminder that nothing that we own in this world actually belongs to us to begin with. In fact, it is all given to us by Allah (SWT) and can just as easily be taken away from us in the same way it was given.

It is our duty as fellow human beings to ensure we combine our efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger from this world.

International Day of Charity 2018

International Day of Charity falls annually on 5th September which is the anniversary of the demise of Mother Teresa – one of the greatest and most well-known philanthropists of all time. The day honours and acknowledges all the hard work and effort that charities across the world, such as Islamic Help, put in to try and raise awareness and contribute towards combatting worldly issues and changing the lives of those in need. 

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