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What Lurks Beyond the Gift Box

22 nd September, 2015

The Eid of Qurbani (sacrifice) is drawing near, and Muslims all over the world are preparing for Eid-ul-Adha, with their families and friends.

Groceries will be brought in bulk; beautiful clothes will be tried on and purchased. Plans for the day will be discussed amongst friends and days will be taken off from other commitments.

In the morning of Eid-ul-Adha, congregational prayers will be performed at all the local mosques, friends will meet and greet, laugh and joke and go to each other’s homes to eat together and celebrate the completion of the annual Hajj (pilgrimage).

Gifts will be presented to children and family members, in the form of presents or money, and the sacrifice of the live animal will be made. The meat from the animal will then be distributed amongst three sectors; family, neighbours and those in need. Alternatively, money can be donated as Qurbani towards less fortunate regions than our own.

Whilst we are here, preparing for the long awaited blessed event, brothers and sisters, please spare a thought for those amongst us who are not fortunate enough to be carrying out the same preparations as us. Some of whom may not even know how long they may live or where their next meal will come from…

This Eid-ul-Adha, push your generosity a little further and distribute your gifts to those people, who are not as privileged as us; who do not have the luxury of shopping for groceries or purchasing new clothes, those who may not even have enough – or any – nourishment with which to feed their family members.

Donate your Qurbani this year with Islamic Help and see that your Qurbani goes to one of those brothers and sisters. We are blessed enough to be in a position where we can feed ourselves and feed others too. Make the most of this privilege.

And it needn’t stop there. You can donate to many good causes this Eid; be it for someone’s nourishment or providing Eid gifts to those who may never have had the joy of receiving one.

For as little as £25, you could gain a lot more in the form of blessing this Hajj. Donate today.