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What is Water Worth to You?

18 th October, 2016

Water is an essential part of sustaining daily life. Without it, our bodies cease to function correctly, breaking down in the process, and entire communities are exposed to severe health risks. Access to clean water is a common goal shared by many developing countries around the world, as it is not readily available to everyone presently. We want to change this. 

However, sometimes too much water can be just as damaging to these communities.

Countries like Bangladesh are prone to heavy rain and flooding. The south-east Asia region experiences severe monsoon seasons every year, each one bringing the fury of Mother Nature with it.

The same goes for other neighbouring countries, too; Pakistan floods are all too common. This specific developing country is a region that is continually struggling to cope with the devastation left by floods, prompting relief aid agencies to work in the area on an almost permanent basis. While this work has helped those in need, much is left to be done still to be able to leave these communities in good standing for the future.

Islamic Help has maintained a constant presence in the region for many years. We have successfully undertaken numerous projects in the region in an effort to assist people affected by flooding as well as help communities that require fresh clean water to survive.

The water situation in such regions can be best described as ‘extreme’. Either there is too much flood water or very little fresh water. Either way, millions of people in these countries lack safe, clean drinking water; the flooding merely adding to this.

This crisis has attributed to a number of fatalities and deaths, many of those including children. Millions of children under the age of five die from the contaminated water they have to drink out of necessity each year. This is an alarming statistic, especially considering that these lives would be spared if only they had access to something as simple and basic as clean water.

Islamic Help’s goal has been to establish new ways to acquire water access for those in need. With the help of our sponsors, volunteers, and other organisations on the ground, we were able to build over 2,000 hand pumps during the last year in Bangladesh alone. All of the communities and villages located nearby can now benefit from these.

We would like to continue in our mission to help provide water and sanitation for those who still have no access to it, so we urge you to join Islamic Help and get involved in a campaign that changes people’s lives.

By providing people with clean water, you are increasing their lifespan and bringing a sense of normalcy in their lives. Contact us for more updates on the regions we are actively working in and learn how you can make an impact with your contribution.

In today’s modern world, we must all unite to ensure that at least drinking water is accessible to everyone on the planet, no matter where they live.

Visit Islamic Help’s website today and be a part of making such a big difference. You could be the difference between life and death for many.

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