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What is Sadaqah Jaariyah?

6 th October, 2016

The meaning of ‘sadaqah jaariyah’ is the giving of continuous charity, almost like a gift that keeps on giving.

For example, if you donate towards a water plant for those in need, every time someone uses or benefits from that water source, you would also reap rewards and blessing – both in the world and in the Hereafter.

The same concept applies if you are giving sadaqah jaariyah in the name of a beloved deceased one, with the exception that they will get the rewards in their own Hereafter. This form of continuous charity not only helps those in need today, but it is also an investment in yourself, for now, and for always.

Not only does sadaqah jaariyah benefit us in this way, Allah SWT also promises us good health, a greater increase in our wealth, clear us of a number of sins, along with allowing us protection by way of shade on the Day of Judgement.

This is where the real wealth lies; as all wealth in this world is merely temporary.

It doesn’t matter how small or large the sum is that we can contribute, Allah SWT promises that it will not decrease our real wealth, but in fact, increase it in numerous ways.

There are countless methods of giving sadaqah jaariyah, such as the examples given below – this is also described as ceaseless charity.

  • Contribute towards building a well, water plant, or source of benefit to someone in need
  • Contributing towards the building of a Mosque
  • Contributing toward furthering someone’s education – whether academic or religious. This could be via sponsoring an orphan’s education, building a school or sharing knowledge
  • Contribute towards building an orphanage, or by sponsoring an orphan or child in need
  • Educating someone with recitation of The Holy Qur’an
  • Distributing dua CDs/books/prayer mats/learning/reading literature, etc.
  • Contribute towards the health sector, i.e. Building a hospital, providing mobility equipment, etc

There are so many other acts of sadaqah jaariyah that can be carried out in order to attain endless benefits in the Hereafter, that we can often contribute in many different ways without realising the full potential of our actions.

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May Allah SWT shower and reward you with his countless blessings. Ameen.

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