Islamic Help

Volunteer Appreciation Month – Why Get Involved

13 th April, 2015

Why Get Involved?

Our team of volunteers here at Islamic Help are both devoted and raring to go whenever the opportunity arises. Just like the rest of us though, they each had their own reasons for getting involved, which is part of what makes our team so diverse.

So, why get involved? See below for our top three reasons.


It goes without saying that the experience of being a volunteer is unparalleled. Not only will it provide an insight into what we here at Islamic Help do and plan to do, but it is also a great way to make friends whilst donating your time, skillset and existing experience in a particular field of work.

Changing Lives

Of course, with the experience of being a volunteer, you will also have a chance to change lives first-hand. Whether you are working on the ground in Tanzania or organising a UK-based event, we recognise the efforts of our team of volunteers in equal measure. Plus, no matter what your role is as a volunteer, it all makes a difference in the short and long-term, making it a worthwhile cause.

Developing Skills

On top of an incomparable experience and the opportunity to change lives, signing up as a volunteer for Islamic Help will enable you to develop your skills, no matter what department you are working in. Not only can you use your current skillset to the benefit of those less fortunate, but you can also learn and grow along the way too.

These are just a few of the reasons why getting involved with campaigns here at Islamic Help as a volunteer is a fantastic opportunity. Of course, there are other ways you can help too, by sponsoring a child or donating to one of our existing campaigns.

In the spirit of Volunteer Appreciation Month though, we recognise and thank our team for their efforts and we look forward to seeing how campaigns develop and grow, as well as how our team grows, in the future.