Upcoming Dates to Remember

1 st August, 2015

World Humanitarian Day – 19th August 2015

This day is all about raising public awareness of those around us who are less fortunate than ourselves.
Today, millions of people across the world are suffering from poor health, struggling day to day, for basic necessities such as food, warmth, clothing, water, education and shelter. Manpower is needed to help deliver aid and help those in need.
World Humanitarian Day was launched to remember those who risk their lives and face hardship in striving to help others.  It is a day dedicated to those who are a true inspiration to us all, and have devoted their time and efforts to actively helping others.
World Mosquito Day – 20th August 2015

Malaria is a disease that spreads via mosquito bites. Initially established back in 1897, when the transmission of malaria through mosquitos was first discovered, along with a solution, World Mosquito Day aims to alert people of the dangers of this preventable disease.
Every minute, somewhere in the world, someone dies from malaria. With your help, malaria can be actively tackled by increasing the treatment of the disease. Without such treatment, cases of the disease can be critical, instigating severe illness and even causing death. You could help by raising funds towards preventable medication and mosquito nets for those less fortunate than us.
Use these upcoming events as an opportunity, to support a campaign that resonates with you and become an inspiration to others. Join Islamic Help in its endeavour to help others, today.



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