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Trekking the Sahara for orphans and the Eco Village

12 th April, 2016

Helping people in need usually requires no more than a simple donation or sponsorship. Sometimes, however, it means testing your physical and mental limits.

That was the challenge a group of Islamic Help staff and volunteers took on when they decided to do the Sahara Trek to raise funds for our Children’s Eco Village in Tanzania.

The four-day endurance test involved trekking 20km (approx. 12 miles) a day across blazing hot sand dunes and desert plains in Morocco. Accompanied by professional guides, the quartet would set up camp overnight before resuming their walk the following morning.  

The quartet consisted of Islamic Help staff members Kamran UddinAqib NisarArslaan Ramzan, and volunteer Kashif Talib.

“Subhan’Allah, the four days of the trek has been amazing. It was boiling – we were the last group the guides were taking and even they said we were brave for coming out here in the heat,” said Aqib.

“Alhamdulillah it’s something that we’ve done and we now need our supporters to make it worth it – you have to help us by donating.”

They are raising funds towards an eco-home, which will house 10 orphans and their guardian/carer, at the Eco Village.

Situated just outside Dar es Salam in Tanzania, the Children’s Eco Village will provide individualised care to promote the development, education and health of each child.

Set in 30 acres of lush green surroundings, it will eventually feature 16 eco-homes, a sports ground, a playground, a mosque, a community centre, a library, a training centre and a permaculture farm.

With its emphasis on sustainability and almost total reliance on green energy, the Children’s Eco Village is set to be truly innovative and self-sustaining.

You can read more about our Children’s Eco Village at

Calling on Islamic Help’s supporters and donors to back their efforts, Kamran Uddin said: “Let this eco-home for orphans be a legacy that you help leave behind which benefits you in the hereafter.

“For every orphan child that sleeps, eats, drinks, prays, studies and lives in the home you help build, you will be rewarded for that.” 

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