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TreeTuesdays: £5 to bring new life to our planet

17th March, 2015

Concerns about the environment may have increased in recent years but caring for our natural surroundings is an integral part of Islam.

The importance of maintaining the delicate balance between our planet and humanity’s needs for its resources is mentioned several times in the Qur’an and the Hadith, so caring for plants and trees is regarded by Muslims as a duty.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “If the Hour (the day of Resurrection) is about to be established and one of you was holding a palm shoot, let him take advantage of even one second before the Hour is established to plant it.”

Trees are an essential component of life, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. They also provide numerous benefits including food, materials for shelter and fuel, medicines and habitats for living creatures.

With deforestation having an adverse impact on parts of the world, Islamic Help launched Trees for Change to help conserve the environment, resulting in tens of thousands of saplings being planted in Tanzania.

To make it even easier for individuals to contribute to this major environmental campaign, we designated Tuesdays as #TreeTuesdays when a £5 donation will result in a tree being planted at our projects in Africa. The £5 covers the cost of the sapling and nurturing it.

So for just £5, you can not only help the environment but help bring new life to our planet.Join the #treetuesdays campaign and plant a tree today for only £5!