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The Worth of Water

18th August, 2016

Dehydration is not fun. It happens when your body lacks the essential water it needs in order to function normally. This process starts to take place when the body loses more fluid than it takes in.  

The human body is made up of millions of cells, and absolutely every single one of these cells needs water to function as it should. Hydration is so important that a lack of water can lead to many issues and complications in life.  

Lack of clean water is one of the biggest challenges that people who are suffering from poverty around the world face on a daily basis. Water is a necessity in all aspects of life, be it for health or sanitation purposes; it is needed for cooking and cleaning, too – the needs and uses of water are far-reaching.

It is shocking how much of a drastic effect a lack of water can have on the human body; these are just some of the things that a lack of water can result in:

  • Sluggish metabolism, lacking energy and the feeling of fatigue
  • Memory problems, confusion
  • Trouble with vision
  • Joint pain, backache, muscle cramping
  • Dry mouth, nausea, mood swings
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Kidney failure, organs shutting down
  • Severe head pain, brain seizure, shrinkage of brain or swelling
  • Irregular body temperature
  • Lack of urine, leading to infection, constipation  
  • Dizziness, fever, and weakness
  • Wrinkles and loose skin
  • Increased risk of various forms of cancer, including urinary tract cancer
  • Poor blood circulation, heart attack
  • Death

This is why Islamic Help originally launched its water and sanitation projects, which aim to provide for those in need with the means of obtaining clean water every day. There are many ways in which we do this, such as digging wells, providing hand water pumps and installing water plants.

Be a part of this privilege and donate to Islamic Help; together we can ensure that those who are in need of such a basic necessity that we take for granted, are provided for.

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