The rewards of giving on Laylatul Qadr

The rewards of giving on Laylatul Qadr

24 th May, 2019

Indeed, We sent the Qur’an down during the Night of Decree.
And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree?
The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.
The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter.
Peace it is until the emergence of dawn

(Qur’an, Surah Al-Qadr)

Charitable giving is highly commended in Islam and is expected from Muslims of able means, so much so that Zakat is one of the obligatory Five Pillars of the faith. Nowhere are the rewards of giving more generous and bountiful than on the night of Laylatul Qadr in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Helping others not only benefits humanity but carries immense spiritual rewards. Ramadan is the ideal time to give to charity, no matter what form that giving takes.

The month of Ramadan is a privilege bestowed on us by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.Extolling the virtues of sacrifice, patience and discipline, it gives us the opportunity to repent, attain nearness to our Lord, promote a better-balanced society and seek countless, immeasurable rewards for our Hereafter.

Its significance is marked by the fact that it was the month during which the Holy Qur’an was revealed for the first time, as guidance for all mankind. The first verses were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) on the night of Laylatul Qadr, often referred to as The Night of Power or Night of Decree.

The Qur’an says that the angels descend to Earth on Laylatul Qadr and that this night alone holds rewards equivalent to those of a thousand months.

The precise night of Laylatul Qadr has not been specified, although many Hadith point to the 27th night as being the most likely, and our beloved Prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him) said: “Search for Laylatul Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten nights of Ramadan.” (Hadith Bukhari)

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So not only is it the time to ask for our Creator’s forgiveness by indulging in prayer and reading the Qur’an but it is also one of the main reasons why many Muslims around the world choose to give to charity during the last ten nights of Ramadan.

As Muslims and as citizens of humanity, it is our responsibility to help people in need. By doing so, we can recognise and appreciate the countless blessings Allah has bestowed upon His creation.

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