The Importance of Volunteering in Winter

21 st December, 2017

We all know that volunteering for a good cause is an important way to show our care and compassion throughout the year, especially when it comes to those less fortunate than ourselves. However, during the long, cold winter months, this noble cause is more important than ever.

Through our winter appeal, Islamic Help strives to help those in need stave off the cold so every brother and sister can make it through the winter together.

But how does volunteering help us to achieve our goal?

At this time of year, the strain on resources is at its highest. For organisations and charities across the board, more people are in need of help, meaning time, money and supplies are stretched thin. From the homeless seeking shelter to vulnerable people coming to a food bank just to get a warm meal, the winter weather can bring a whole host of issues for many people.

Volunteer with Islamic Help’s Winter Appeal

So with so much more to be done, how can we go about doing our bit to help improve the lives of these people in urgent need?

Volunteering brings a whole host of benefits, for you as well as for those whose lives you are helping to improve. By doing your bit and committing to brighten the lives of your most vulnerable brothers and sisters, you are sure to reap the rewards of your kindness and generosity throughout life. Similarly, helping out in your local community is the perfect way to give a little back – after all, charity should always begin at home.

Getting Involved

Here at Islamic Help, we are always looking for new volunteers willing to join in and lend a helping hand to our annual winter appeal. Whether it is joining our cause, helping out a food bank or homeless shelter or simply delivering aid on the streets whenever you can, there are always plenty of different ways in which you can show your support and commit to making a real difference to people’s lives. With your generous help and support, we are able to reach more and more people, helping to deliver vital aid and assistance to those who are most in need this season.

Winter is traditionally seen as a time for charity, a time for care, compassion and generosity. At this time of year, it is more important than ever to stick together and do what we can to help one another – the perfect opportunity to begin volunteering.

For more information about volunteering or donating, check out our winter appeal.



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