The Importance Of Clean Water For All

9 th December, 2016

Children dying is a common everyday occurrence amongst the most vulnerable populations, in the hardest to reach areas around the world. Diarrhoea – caused by contaminated water, poor sanitation, and improper hygiene – is amongst the biggest contributory factors. All of these factors, however, centre around one key fact: the importance of clean water for all.

All-purpose element.

Water is an amazing all-purpose element that is the foundation of our everyday life. From cooking to cleaning, and a variety of other things, but most importantly survival; water is a fundamental human need.

Yet, millions of people in the world are living without access to a safe water supply, and thousands die each year from water-related disease.

In addition to preventing disease, clean water can help reduce poverty and hunger, as it can greatly improve sustainable food production and quality of life.

Each person living in this world needs at least 20-50 litres of water a day for general everyday use.

Imagine if all you had access to was dirty, contaminated and polluted water.

Unfortunately, for millions of people around the world, this is more than just a figment of an unfair imagination, this is an everyday reality.

These communities are not just trapped in a constant cycle of poverty and going without, but their lack of access to clean water also means that the children that can afford to go to school, often end up missing out anyway due to sickness and poor health.

Another issue being faced on a daily basis is the economy.  With so many people suffering unavoidable illnesses and consequences of a life without sanitation (such as dehydration and sickness), local economies take a big hit. The ongoing effect of this is impacting many countries still today. 

Benefits of drinking clean, safe water.

Drinking clean, safe water can help maintain the balance of essential bodily fluids. In turn, this can aid things like digestion, absorption of food and nutrients as well as maintaining your body temperature and keeping your body in good health.

It can also help energise muscles; when muscles do not receive adequate water intake, they  can start to break down leading to pain and suffering.

Water is essential for your kidney functions. If you are not drinking enough water, you are at higher risk of kidney stones and infections, especially in warmer climates. In addition to these benefits, water will also help keep your hair, skin and nails healthy.

There are so benefits of water in everyday life that it is often overlooked in the West. Here at Islamic Help, we have always been of the opinion that the basics are what matter most, and that is why we want to promote the importance of clean water. We work with volunteers and those living in affected areas to dig wells, install pumps and make clean, safe water a part of life.We provide clean water solutions in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Tanzania.

How much does it cost?

£150      – a Hand Pump in Bangladesh or Pakistan
£250     – a Hand Pump Burma
£500     – a Small Water Well in Bangladesh
£2,500 – a Large Water Well in Pakistan
£3,500 – a Large Water Well in Tanzania

£15,000 – Solar Powered Deep Water Well in Tanzania

£25,000 – Water Filtration & Purification Plant in Pakistan or Bangladesh

The initial outlay is more than any of those in need could afford but with your generosity, those living in some of the neediest communities can enjoy access to clean and safe water. Simply donate to Islamic Help

Please donate now.

So please donate now  to ensure that, just like yourself, the poverty-stricken are given the opportunity to drink clean water, the ability to improve their economic situation and the dignity of better sanitation.



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