The Gift that Keeps on Living

31 st December, 2015

Billions of us around the world have lost someone special to us in our lifetime. They may have passed from natural causes, in their sleep; in an accident; from illness; from tragedy – the list is endless.

We may have mourned their passing; prayed for them, endlessly grieved, and missed their presence.

So many of us attach ourselves to our family, friends and those we know and care about. Our emotional nature as human beings drives us to miss the presence of those who are gone. At the time, it strikes us as to how exactly life will go on without their existence, how will we be able to cope and live without them?

Their time comes, unexpectedly. The emotions and mind go through many different stages following the death of a loved one; shock, denial, pain, anger, hurt, tears, loss, grief and possibly even defeat.

Then, eventually, something happens –  acceptance.

As time passes, and without realising, life just moves you on. Quite often, we remember that particular loved one; be it through thoughts or prayers, but they always hold a special place in our hearts.

Of course, as emotional creatures, crying is often a natural way of expressing pain. What we ultimately forget, though, is that the person who has passed will not benefit much from those tears. They are just beginning their journey, so this is the time where they will need our help.

When the news of someone passing away is known, the following phrase is recited:

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’un.”

To Allah SWT we belong, and to Allah SWT we shall return.

It’s inevitable, though, right? It always was, because we always knew death would be upon us one day. We just weren’t prepared for it when it actually happened. This is because nobody knows when their time will finally come or when the real journey will begin.

However, there is something that those of us who remain in this world can do to help and benefit our deceased loved ones… Sadaqah Jariyah.

What better way to ensure ceaseless giving than to ensure that it benefits those whose needs are the highest?

So,  Islamic Help launched the iHelp Give campaign.

iHelp Give is a place where individuals can form their own fundraising initiatives or projects for a specified cause. The aim of this is to raise funds. For example, your goal could be to raise enough donations to build a water well in a poverty stricken country.  This method of ongoing means, is a form of Sadaqah Jariyah; not only for those who have left us but also for ourselves.

Gift your loved ones from beyond, continuously, even after they’ve gone, with



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