The Gaza 100 Challenge

5 th February, 2015

Gaza witnessed a very horrific and gruesome 2014. Many innocent lives were lost, and thousands more were affected by the Israeli offensive. The latest strikes only made an already difficult situation, worse. Gaza has been struggling with different types of economic problems for quite some time. Relief aid flows in the region all year long. However, in the aftermath of the recent offensive by Israeli, help came to a standstill much like life in the region. The entire infrastructure was shattered. Ultimately, it got so bad that a majority of the region was without power or water. Water, in particular, become increasingly extinct and virtually non-existent. This is where Islamic Help stepped in and made decisive efforts to improve life in the area through Gaza donations.

The first problem we tackled was the lack of water issue. Water problems in Gaza have been nothing new. Even before the conflicts began, the area had a severe water drought. Only one in four households had water access in a region where the population is in excess of 2 million people.

We launched a major fundraising appeal. It was called the Gaza 100 Water Challenge. It’s primary purpose was to provide a solution to the water drought in the Gaza region. As funds continued to arrive, we created sufficient water solutions that would positively impact life and livelihood for the people of Gaza. The first part of the project was to construct a new water plant. The old one was demolished by the Israeli airstrikes. It was in no state to be repaired or reconstructed. Hence, preparations were made to build a new one from scratch. Through this plant, residents were able to access clean, non-drinking water for hygienic and sanitary purposes. It enabled them to perform essential day to day tasks such as laundry, cooking and bathing.

The water plant project is expected to reach completion by the middle of this year. Once completed, it will provide sufficient water to almost 10,000 residents. Of course, such projects would not have been possible without the assistance of other contributors and organizations. In this instance, Islamic Help joined hands with the Coastal Municipalities Water Utility in order to serve the need of the people of Gaza. Visit our webpage now and discover how you can personally make a change to many people’s lives with a simple donation today!

The Gaza 100 Challenge is Islamic Help’s way of getting involved and taking concrete steps for the betterment of Gaza. Through this as well as other campaigns, we have been able to provide for the isolated citizens in this region by collaborating with third party vendors and teams on the ground. In addition to water, Food and medical aid have also been afforded. Emergency medical kits have been distributed among the locals. These kits include basic medical apparatus and accessories that can help treat wounds and injuries.

The results have been encouraging despite the aftermath of last year’s offensive. Islamic Help will continue to work actively in the region and provide sustainable solutions to the people of Gaza. As relief aid finally starts to fly in uninterrupted in the area, we will look to undertake more challenges like the Gaza 100 Water Challenge. With your help, we can make a combined effort in bringing some normality back to the lives of our fellow Gazans.



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