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The Beautiful Month of Ramadan is Almost Here…

15th March, 2018

As we all eagerly await the beautiful month of Ramadan once again, it is important that we prepare for such an auspicious and valuable time - given the amount of reward and blessing contained in this one month alone.

It is undoubtedly a privilege to be presented with the opportunity to partake in this holy month againAlhamdullilah (all thanks is to Allah SWT) and whilst we prepare to pray, repent, recite and practice during this month, we also often forget that this month is an example of how we should be practising in our day to day lives already.

Some examples include:


Attaining taqwa is one of the key things we were all put here to do; to have fear of our Lord, to achieve nearness to our Lord and to repent to and worship our Lord. As Muslims, we need to understand the importance of seeking closeness to Allah SWT and recognise that we were created for this reason.


Another characteristic many of us adopt during this blessed month is obedience and discipline. Without disciplining oneself to cleanse the heart, mind and actions, the stomach has no use in the fast. Abstaining from backbiting, disrespecting others, using foul language, hurting people, physically harming something or someone, thinking wicked or impure thoughts or having bad intentions are all things we should be refraining from in Islam already. Ramadan serves as a great exercise to remind us of the importance of staying and remaining humble.


One of the purposes of fasting is to purify the body whilst also reminding us of those who do not have the privilege of nourishment as we do. The primary reason Allah SWT has split the world into differing levels of prosperity is to test us to see if we share our wealth with others - what good is one’s fortune if it is not used to help the unfortunate? Especially when that wealth was given to us by Allah SWT in the first place… The reward for giving to charity and helping the less fortunate is substantial during the month of Ramadan. Not only this, it is something that we should be actively doing in our daily lives already.  

When is Ramadan 2018?

Ramadan this year is estimated to begin on or around 15th May 2018 and end on or around 14th June 2018. Please note, these dates are subject to the sighting of the moon so it is always best to check with your local Islamic Centre or mosque for up to date information.

Let the countdown to Ramadan begin!

For more information on donating to those in need this Ramadan and beyond, please contact Islamic Help on 012 1446 5682 or submit your donation online here