Taken for Granted

Taken for Granted

12 th July, 2016

“The things we take for granted in life are the things that someone else is praying for.” – Unknown

There is always something we human beings want in life; whether that is wealth, success, education, love, acceptance, praise, and so many other things besides. Often, the more we have of something, the more we want, and the less we end up appreciating it as a consequence. This is a part of human nature, and often it takes losing something to appreciate its value. It is then that we realise what we originally had was priceless in comparison to the unnecessarily small, materialistic things we were pining for.


Health is important to every single one of us yet is taken for granted by most of us who are lucky enough to be in good standing. Sometimes it takes something drastic for us to realise this, but occasionally, we look around us and understand it, anyway. It is, after all, human nature to find the thought of another human being in physical pain to be unbearable.

Today, in the Middle East and beyond, so many people – including innocent children – are being left with lifelong injuries and disabilities as a result of recent conflicts. Not only this, but these children are also often left without a home or shelter, not to mention access to appropriate care for recovery. Some of these children endure a long and painful suffering as a result, and, tragically, some don’t quite make it that far.

Islamic Help has launched a campaign to help provide support and assistance to disabled children including those innocent children who have been left with disabilities through no fault of their own. This campaign seeks to provide them with the individual care that they so desperately need.

We aim to provide these children with appropriate medical assistance, food, shelter, clothing, mobility equipment as well as the physical and psychological support they need to help ease their suffering.

Join Islamic Help today and sponsor a disabled child, and you could be the difference between a child’s today and the quality of their tomorrow by making a contribution today.

If you have the gift of wealth, then give the gift of health, donate here, today.



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