Islamic Help

Syrian Refugees Receive Emergency Winter Aid

13 th January, 2016

Hundreds of Syrian refugee families have received emergency winter aid thanks to Islamic Help’s supporters. Aid supplies including bread, fuel, blankets, clothes and milk for babies was distributed as part of our Winter Crisis Appeal.

The distributions took place in Syrian refugee camps at Akkar and Trabulos in north Lebanon. The aid was targeted at families highlighted by local authorities as being in dire need of assistance as they struggle against the bitter cold of winter.

The aid to beneficiaries included:
•    Milk for 200 babies
•    One month’s supply of bread for 460 families
•    20 litres of kerosene for heating and fuel for 460 families
•    Blankets for 200 people
•    Winter clothes for 200 children

The aid, donated by Islamic Help’s supporters and donors in the UK and South America, was handed out by staff and volunteers after a registration process to determine the beneficiaries. It is the first of several distributions planned for this winter.

The refugee population in Lebanon now stands at more than 1 million and represents a quarter of Lebanon’s pre-Syrian war population. Lebanon has curtailed the arrival of more refugees because of the strain the influx has put on the country’s infrastructure.

More than 4.4 million Syrians refugees are in neighbouring nations after nearly five years of civil war which has torn their country apart.

Islamic Help is helping Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Your donations will go a long way towards helping us reach these families in need.

For example, as part of our Winter Crisis Appeal:
•    £10 could provide a Syrian refugee family with a week’s supply of bread OR 2 weeks of baby milk
•    £50 will give a family with one week’s supply of bread, a gas cylinder for heating, kerosene or firewood for cooking, and blankets
•    £100 will give a family enough to survive for 2 weeks with the above rations

Help make winter more bearable for Syrian refugee families. Donate now.