Islamic Help

Syrian Refugees-Across The Border

15 th June, 2014

Just 500 metres separates Jamila from her homeland but for her and her four children, there is no home to return to. 

Sitting in Jordan, she gazes across the border to Syria, wondering about the plight of her husband whose whereabouts and fate are unknown. She hasn’t seen him for three years and not had contact with him for two months.

Jamila is one of the 600,000-plus Syrians forced to flee to safety and shelter in Jordan, their lives torn apart by the conflict in their nation. Her home in Syria burned and destroyed, she now lives in a one-room apartment with her children, relying on Islamic Help and others for day-to-day survival.

The conditions in the apartment are appalling, she says. There is the smell from the sewers, the children constantly falling ill. In her words, life would be better in a tent. 

Jamila is just one of the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees Islamic Help is supporting, by providing them with emergency food packs, water, clothing and medicines to ease their suffering.

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