Supporting the Victims of the Ongoing Syria Crisis

10 th October, 2017

If we were all given one wish for this world, the vast majority of us would have the exact same wish in common; world peace. But who are we wishing this change from, if not ourselves?

Many of us overlook the fact that we can be the change the world needs; of course, we may not be able to individually put an end to wars and conflicts such as the ongoing devastating Syria crisis, but, collectively, we can make a huge difference to those lives which are directly affected.

Promoting Peace for All

This year, join us as we try to help those who are continuously affected by conflict and war around the world. Let’s make a conscious attempt to support those who have no other choice but to constantly struggle and face poverty and starvation.  

Donate to Syria Relief Fund

There are ever-increasing numbers of Syrian refugees who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Together with Islamic Help, you can help to provide these refugees and their families with the critical essentials they need in order to survive.

Basic necessities such as blankets, heaters, tents, mattresses, food, water, baby supplies, hygiene kits, medicines and warm clothing can all make a substantial difference to the current living conditions these brothers and sisters are fighting to survive in.

Basic aid can help bring relief to Syrian refugees when they need it most. Be the change you want to see in the world, and help us help those most in need.

Emergency Food Appeal

Along with the victims of the Syria crisis, there are many millions of other people across the globe that also urgently need our help. Countries such as Iraq, Somalia and Yemen as well as the Rohingya crisis in Burma, are also affected by war and conflict and critically need our help and assistance as they too face starvation, homelessness and persecution.

With your help, Islamic Help can make a difference and continue to provide emergency food packs for these people in need. An emergency food pack can nourish a family for up to a month and costs £50 per pack. To contribute towards this emergency appeal, please donate here.

Together, we can help to ease the struggle and hardship of millions of innocent people worldwide. Visit Islamic Help today for more information on our current campaigns and emergency appeals or call 012 1446 5682 to speak to a member of our team now.



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