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Support for Syrian refugee mothers

13 th May, 2015

More than 2,000 Syrian refugee mothers and their children have received vital aid and support from Islamic Help

Baby milk, clothes and sanitary items plus supplements and vitamins for mothers were handed out by Islamic Help’s Jordan team in a series of distributions in Jordan and Lebanon.

They are part of our Birth campaign which aims to help Syrian mothers who are already struggling to cope with the hardships of being refugees.

Many – especially those in unofficial refugee camps – lack support and medical care while those fortunate enough to give birth in hospitals still face the extra financial burdens of caring for their new-borns.

Jordan houses 630,000 Syrians who have fled the conflict in their nation. It’s estimated that on average 30 babies are born every day to Syrian refugee women in Jordan and another 40 born every day into Syrian refugee families in Lebanon.

In the latest distribution, Islamic Help provided essential items for 1,000 women and their babies in Irbid, in Jordan, and baby milk plus other items to 120 refugee families in Kamid al Iawz in Al Bekaa in Lebanon.

Further distribution projects are due to be carried out during May in Almafraq, Der Abi Saeed in Irbid and Ma’an in Jordan.

In just 2 months, this programme has already supported more than 4,000 beneficiaries – that’s 2,000 mothers and 2,000 babies. With the backing of our supporters, Islamic Help wants to help as many Syrian refugee mothers as possible, to ease their burdens and to provide a loving and caring environment for their babies.

Please back our Birth: Supporting Syrian Mothers & Babies campaign.

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