Spotlight On Fruit ‘n’ Veg

15 th October, 2015

To raise awareness for Qurbani this year, Islamic Help asked its supporters to go for two days without meat as part of our “no meat week challenge”.
A lot of people may find this difficult, but in retrospect, how many of us actually eat meat every day? And if you do, is it healthy to be eating it every day of the week? Our bodies need a detox now and then anyway, so let’s see how good the alternative actually is for us…

Aside from being rich in the vitamins and minerals that we actually need on a daily basis, introducing more fruit and vegetables to your diet makes you feel a lot happier and more energetic. It doesn’t make you feel overly full and lethargic and even promotes digestion.

Comprehensive studies have also revealed that certain vegetables and fruit can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, whilst lowering blood pressure at the same time; mainly due to having a lowered fat content, being easier in calories, yet higher in nutritional value.

Not only that, but there are so many different varieties and types to choose from, and they are far easier to prepare and cook.

But what you eat with your fruit and veg doesn’t necessarily have to change as you can still enjoy what you would have with your meat-based meals. Rice, salads, potatoes and foods high in fibre are good as they can provide a slow release of energy throughout the day whilst keeping you fuller for longer.

And with all those vibrant colours and textures, you may well prefer and choose to detox yourself now and then.Click here to support Islamic Help and become a volunteer now!
Did you know:

Starting your meal with the vegetables and salad actually prevents you from going too much further. Try taking a five-minute break after your salad and have a glass of water; you’ll be surprised at the reduction in your appetite.
Broccoli is actually a higher source of protein than red meat, not to mention a lot better for you.
Red meat is a solid fat as opposed to a digestible fat.


Green leafy vegetables are a good source of fibre and energy.
Bananas are an excellent source of slow release energy and are high in potassium.
Always ensure you keep dried fruit and yoghurt raisins with you to snack on when you feel peckish. Popcorn helps for all you savoury pickers out there.
Vegetables can be alternated for meat in many dishes: i.e. tomato & vegetable pasta, lentil curry, jacket potato with salad, etc.
But, if you really need something that tastes meaty, you could always try eating Quorn instead.
Thank you for supporting Islamic Help in its bid to raise awareness for those with no food this Qurbani 2015. And please continue your support; donate towards a good cause today.



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