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So You Think You’ve Got It Bad?

4 th July, 2015

Britain; we are a nation of moaners. Even when we’re having a good time, we like to tell everyone all the different reasons why we are having a bad time.

Case in point: the weather.

Notorious for our borderline obsession with the weather and whether or not we are in for a soggy day, there is nothing that affects or features more in daily British life than the weather.

We spend three-quarters of the year moaning about the rain, the wind, the endless grey skies and how our very existence is hindered by our need to faff with a brolly and various other forms of rainy-day paraphernalia.

We don’t know we are born.

There are people all across the globe, living in arid regions, where long-term droughts (some lasting decades and centuries) mean the very thought of waking up and facing the day is a tiring and terrifying one.

Of course, for the majority of 21st century Brits, this kind of life is a world away. Most of us simply couldn’t imagine having to go days and weeks without food, water, shelter and other basic needs. Yet, there are a few who are adamant that they could handle even the toughest of conditions; they’re strong, resourceful, patient, they don’t feel the need to moan or ‘feel sorry for themselves’…


Because July 2015 has kicked off with a stunningly warm few days, and the whole country seemed to have been slapped in the face by the heatwave; a fact they were very vocal about.

Groans and gripes were heard everywhere, even from those who had spent the previous few months condemning the soggy conditions and lack of “summery” climate.

People were too hot, too thirsty, too tired, and sunburnt…they couldn’t sleep, couldn’t find cool clothing, couldn’t feel a breeze or get the air-con working fully…

Big. Whoop.

These people have no idea what it is like to survive – let alone live – in tough, dry and dangerous conditions.

We welcomed the summer with protests and complaints, after only a few days of abnormally high temperatures.

What about the people trying to manage in conditions far worse, for their entire lives? There are people and places that don’t have the luxury of chilled bottled water or even lukewarm tap water. They don’t know if they’ll even have a roof or shady spot for shelter, let alone an air-conditioned building. These people are dehydrated and malnourished. They’re tired, and many are ill. And do they complain?

No. They adapt, and they show resolve, and they believe that with a little perseverance, things will get better.

But how do things get better? By people helping people. People like us, in fortunate positions, can help alleviate the pressure felt by so many in the world’s toughest regions. We can spare time, money and effort to bring about better lives for those who deserve it most. Sponsor a child born into a lifelong drought, or pack up and volunteer to go out into the world and help educate people about things like sustainability and clean water.

Instead of moaning about how soggy, sticky or unseasonal it is, see the bigger picture and join Islamic Help in our mission to bring relief and a better quality of life to those in need.

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