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Set For Mission Possible October 2016

4 th October, 2015
A team of volunteers is preparing to set off to Tanzania to directly deliver the aid they have raised as part of Mission Possible. They’ll be looking to emulate the work of volunteers on previous deployments who have changed their own lives as well as those of beneficiaries, as Mission Possible team leader Kamran Uddinexplains.    

In just over two weeks, a group of volunteers will experience the humanitarian experience of a lifetime when they take part in the latest Mission Possible deployment to Tanzania

During the 10-day deployment the party of six, accompanied by two Mission staff members, will deliver a series of programmes to help improve the quality of life for people in one of Tanzania’s most poverty-stricken regions, Pangani.

It is the second Mission Possible deployment this year. In August, a group of four volunteers, who collectively raised £20k and participated in training prior to flying out, delivered life-changing aid and long term programmes to benefit communities.

In the space of 8 days they managed to:

  • build a toilet block – 4 for boys and 4 for girls- at a local school
  • renovate some of the school classrooms
  • build a village rainwater harvesting system in the main local mosque
  • interviewed beneficiaries for livelihood projects and distributed 3 cows, 3 shops and 90 goats
  • planted 100 fruit trees
  • provided crucial training to the beneficiaries revolving around sanitation, malaria prevention and the environment.

They finished off the deployment in the Children’s Eco Village, getting to know and understand the concept behind it and by also spending time with the orphan girls, giving out sweets and games they had brought with them from the UK and also enjoyed a meal with the girls.

All in all it was a very good deployment. The volunteers really applied themselves in a professional manner and their work ethic was really inspiring – they managed to help out three villages, benefiting more than 300 beneficiaries.

They were surprised at the amount of work needed in these areas and have looked at possibly joining future deployments with Islamic Help.

They described their life-changing experiences in a series of blogs written during the deployment, a task that will be repeated by volunteers on the forthcoming deployment.

The next deployment will take place between 20-30 October 2016.

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