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School’s Out!

7th August, 2015

So the summer holidays are finally here, and the kids are off school. Days are typically spent planning what to do to keep the children occupied, busy and out of trouble. Holidays are booked; outings are planned, and shopping is on the schedule.
Education holds a great amount of importance in most of our lives, and most stores and supermarkets have already started stocking up on the ‘back to school’ essentials. Some of our youngsters require brand new uniform as they are transferring from primary to secondary school, and the rest have probably just grown out of their previous year’s attire and need an upgrade.
It’s also a popular time for stationery shopping; we’ve all been there and drooled over those brand new pencil cases and notebooks, backpacks and new ‘essentials’.
In fact, the summer holiday shop sometimes gets a bit overrated, I’m sure you will agree. But the majority of us are guilty of spending the amount that we feel we need to, in order to educate our children and keep them happy; it’s almost seen as investing in their future.
Likewise, there are teenagers all over, with a vision for their future, preparing for their first semester at university. Clothes, accommodation, food, living expenses, study books and travel are in the process of being arranged.
Expenses aside, however, we sometimes forget how blessed we are to be able to educate our children to go on and become something in the future. Some go on to become doctors; some go on to become lawyers and some go on to become pillars of the community and so on…
Yet, there are children out there who don’t have much in terms of prospects or a future, partly due to lack of education. But this is only part of the problem, as in addition to this; lack of nutrition, lack of warmth, lack of family and lack of medicine also means some of these children won’t live long enough to see a future.
That’s where you come in. Islamic Help’s Sponsor an Orphan campaign ensures these children are provided for in terms of food, clothing, shelter and education. The scheme is in place with a view to improving the lives of these orphan children, to enable them to build a successful future for themselves. With your consistent support, Islamic Help aims to continue supporting orphans; both physically and emotionally.
You see, the thing is, our children have us to worry about them and their futures. We do it whether they are babies or fully grown adults. We try our utmost best to provide whatever we can for them, to ensure they have everything they need in life.

But these orphans have lost their parents and therefore, have nobody to worry about them. How lost must they feel?  

Let’s do something about that. Sponsor an orphan today with Islamic Help and help these orphans find their way to their future.