Redefining Parenting, A New Way

24 th December, 2015

As any parent will testify, bringing up a child is the hardest but most rewarding thing anyone will experience in their life.

The challenges of parenthood are myriad. Selfishness and personal desire become subservient to the needs and demands of offspring.

Where money might once have been spent on dining out or personal luxuries, it is instead used to provide food, drink, clothing, education and healthcare to accompany the parental love and guidance necessary for a child’s stable upbringing.

The material aspects of bringing up children are only part of the jigsaw. There are also psychological and social factors which contribute to shaping a child’s development and their future prospects.

While many parents, especially new parents, rely on traditional family structures – parents, in-laws, relatives – to help them adapt and cope, parenting still presents major obstacles which can affect their self-esteem and confidence. For those who lack that family back-up and support, the problems can be even more intense and magnified.

To help some of those parents, Islamic Help is staging Redefining Parenting, a valuable workshop with expert advice and guidance from qualified practitioner Sister Kathleen Roche-Nagi.

Sister Kathleen, herself a mother-of-four, has been working with BME (black and minority ethnic) children and families for the last 18 years on parenting issues. A qualified nurse, midwife and counsellor, she is the managing director of Approachable Parenting and one of the developers of “The Five Pillars of Parenting” which includes programmes covering the 4-11 year-olds age range and pregnancy to 3 years.

Redefining Parenting aims to help mothers – whether they are newly-weds, singles or expecting – gain skills and techniques so they can provide a positive and fulfilling experience for themselves and, more importantly, their children. It will draw on modern psychological principles allied to Islamic teachings on how to raise children.

The event is in aid of Islamic Help’s Birth campaign for Syrian refugee mothers and their new-borns, which you can find more details about here.

Redefining Parenting is on the 9th January 2016 at The Bordesley Centre in Birmingham B11 1AR from 11am to 5pm. A creche and refreshments are available throughout the day.

Entry is free BUT you have to register and it is a sisters’ only event. Registration details can be found here.

Support us in shaping a positive future for children.



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