Ramadan aid distribution to Syrian refugees

28 th June, 2015

Islamic Help has provided desperately needed Ramadan food packs to scores of Syrian refugee families in Jordan.

The programme also included the distribution of Eid clothing for men, women and children. Among the beneficiaries were hundreds of refugees in makeshift camps which are largely neglected by the authorities and aid agencies.

Syrian refugees are now enduring their fifth Ramadan away from their home nation because of the conflict.

The United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said nearly 4 million Syrians were registered as refugees. The largest numbers are in Turkey (1.7 million), Lebanon (1.1 million) and Jordan (600,000).

However, many are still not registered and Islamic Help officials in Jordan said the refugee influx and pressure on resources had forced the UN to cut or reduce food rations for nearly 100,000 individuals in the kingdom.

Islamic Help’s Ramadan programme included the distribution of food baskets to 250 families in the Irbid area followed by another 100 baskets in unofficial refugee camps in Badia, less than a kilometre from the Jordan-Syrian border.

The camps have been set up by Syrians desperate for a quick return to their country but with no government backing, they live in dire conditions with little or no facilities like water or electricity.

The distributions in Irbid and Badia benefited nearly 1,400 individuals and Islamic Help returned to the Badia area to carry out another distribution in conjunction with the Jordan Red Crescent.

This project, which helped a further 1,400 beneficiaries, saw the distribution of another 100 food bags plus 174 clothes parcels, each containing items for at least 5 members of a family.

The Ramadan food basket consisted of: rice, sugar, tea, lentils, white beans, pure soya oil, flour, cheeses, burgers, macaroni, salt, small beans, tuna, Halal canned meat, spaghetti and luncheon meat.

The Eid clothes packages includes: women’s blouses, trousers, shirts, underwear, baby clothes and shoes.

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