Qurbani Distribution

21 st September, 2015

Our impulsive reaction to protect our friends and family in their time of need comes so naturally to us, doesn’t it? It is almost like a reflex that can’t be helped. 

Let’s say, for example, your younger brother is involved in a dispute and gets hurt in the process. Most of us would be enraged, right?

At home, the majority of us have been raised with respect and etiquette, and it is seen as only natural to have manners at the table and in front of guests. Similarly, it is natural not to be the one to take that last food item from the communal plate, and it is normal to eat together and offer to those who are around you first.

So, why do we call the whole nation our brothers and sisters when we do not do the same for them?
Is it because we don’t live with them and cannot see them? Is it because it is happening elsewhere and not here? How many of us waste our meals on a daily basis or put a lot more on our plates than we intend to eat or is necessary? How many of us will prepare so many dishes to whet and suit all appetites in the home; especially during big occasions, such as Eid?

We call them our brothers and sisters yet we still eat alone! We sit with friends and family, yet we are still eating alone. We should stop and think about our brothers and sisters out there who do not have the one choice, let alone an array of choices laid out in front of them.

Qurbani is such a time where we are reminded of this and can donate to people that need the Qurbani, as opposed to people in a position where they already have it within easy reach.

Let’s get together and aim to help all of the brothers and sisters out there who deserve the same Eid, the same celebrations and the same delicious meal to look forward to as well, if not, more.

Donate your Qurbani 2015 with Islamic Help and see to it that your Qurbani reaches someone in dire need for it this year.



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