Providing Wells in Bangladesh

14 th September, 2014

The provision of clean water is one of our long-standing priorities, nowhere more so than in Bangladesh where an estimated 23 million people lack safe water and where 7,000 children under the age of 5 die every year from water and sanitation-related diseases. Arsenic contamination affects another 30 million people.

Part of our commitment is to help combat those factors by providing shallow tube and traditional wells especially in the arsenic-affected areas of the Sylhet region. In 2014 we will be providing nearly 2,000 wells with our partners.

Our CEO Saif Ahmad saw some of that work, which is only possible through the support of our donors, during a visit in September 2014 to Bangladesh which also included visits to a number of facilities including an anti-cyclone shelter and Leda refugee site which hosts about 15,000 people who have fled Myanmar in Burma due to ethnic violence but are not recognised as refugees by the government

Islamic Help has been in Bangladesh since 2007 and has helped thousands of people gain access to clean water.  Your help has made a big difference here and elsewhere but more is needed.



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