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Providing clean water solutions in the land of water

9 th February, 2016

More than 158 million people live in Bangladesh but for a country that has an excess of surface water during the summer monsoon season and is characterised by its rivers and deltas, the population still struggles for clean and safe drinking water.

Although 97% of the people in Bangladesh have access to water, much of it is not fit for human consumption. It’s estimated that every year 1 in 5 deaths are due to arsenic poisoning. That’s 180,000 deaths because of arsenic in contaminated water sources where poorly managed water hand pumps have been installed in the past.

With many people living below the poverty line, they’re unable to purchase basic medicines to treat water-borne diseases which can cause serious illness and death.

Islamic Help is providing people with access to clean water around the world through our Water One 50 campaign. For example, in Bangladesh we’re installing hand pumps and water wells in remote villages and households.

These have a considerable impact on the quality of life through improvements in health and hygiene. Access to clean water via a hand pump or water well also helps improve economic prospects for households. Girls and women who spend hours walking to access clean and safe water sources are freed to pursue education and livelihood opportunities.

On a daily basis, the water solutions installed by Islamic Help are providing water to thousands of people around the world. This can only be done with the support of our donors. Our specialist field team also ensures that wherever we install a clean water solution such as a hand pump, a water well or rain water harvesting system, it is properly maintained and cared for.

Donors who provide a water solution like a water hand pump or water well all receive an individual feedback report which contains information about who they’re helping and pictures of the water solution that they have installed. When possible, we will also attach a name plaque to the water solution on your behalf. This can be either your own name or the name of someone that you’re donating on behalf of or in memory of.

With your support we have installed clean water solutions like hand pumps, water wells and rain water harvesting systems around the world. We’ve even constructed water plants inside Gaza which benefit thousands of people on a daily basis, and have provided clean and safe water solutions for thousands of families in communities across Pakistan and Tanzania.

To find out more about our Water One 50 campaign and to install your own clean water solutions from as little as £150 on behalf of yourself or a loved one, please call 0121 446 5682 or visit

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