Protecting Newborns From a Cold Syrian Winter

17 th January, 2017

No matter what the time of year, it is important to make sure that children and newborns stay as healthy as possible. During the first few years of life, children’s immune systems are still developing, meaning that little ones are more susceptible to illnesses during the winter weather.

During the winter, extra precautions need to be taken to ensure the safety of young children. Stave off the cold weather and icy winds by dressing your children in appropriate seasonal clothing. Plenty of layers are best, as layers will help children to stay warm and dry outdoors. However, it is very important to make sure that you don’t over layer, as this can lead to dangerous overheating. Use a baby moisturiser or similar products for infants to protect delicate hands and faces from biting winds, and make sure your little one’s hands are kept clean to try and prevent picking up one of the many seasonal colds or illnesses.

A Daily Struggle

It may be relatively easy to protect your own children and new-borns from the weather, but this winter, spare a thought for the young children of Syria who must struggle through the season. Syrian winters can be harsh and hazardous for children, especially vulnerable orphans. For residents of war-torn Syria, winter only brings increased difficulties and problems for daily life.

Refugees fleeing the ongoing conflict will get caught up in the harsh reality of a Syrian winter, and without proper shelter, clothing, medical supplies, or hot food, the next few months look bleak for these vulnerable, displaced children.

Welcoming a new-born into the world should be a time for celebration, but for many Syrian women, in reality, it is a cause for concern. With few supplies and little financial support, these women struggle to provide the necessary care to allow their new-born babies to thrive. Many of these women are on the move or are living in unofficial refugee camps, facing shortages of the most basic requirements their children need. In some cases, this becomes so severe that the lives of both mother and new-born become endangered.

Syria Birth Campaign

It is estimated that an average of 70 babies are born to Syrian refugee women every day. At Islamic Help, it is our mission to provide support to these mothers and ensure that as many of these 70 babies as possible are delivered safely and well cared for. Our Syria Birth campaign aims to cover the hospital fees so Syrian refugee women can safely deliver in a hospital environment. We also provide funding for food, clothes, sanitary items and medical supplies, which are especially vital during a cold Syrian winter.

As you wrap up warm and protect your own little ones from the cold winter weather, spare a thought for all the orphaned children and Syrian refugee women and their new-borns.



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