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Orphans education in Gaza

9th June, 2015

Hundreds of orphans are among the beneficiaries of long term programmes established by Islamic Help for the population of Gaza.

As well as emergency aid during the Gaza conflict of July 2014, Islamic Help also set up education and rehabilitation projects.

The aim was to improve the prospects of children and young people by providing opportunities allowing them to progress through school and higher education.

Among them is support for 530 students and 30 teachers at Darul Fadilah (the House of Virtue).

The complex, in Rafah, was a home and school for 500 orphans and featured a mosque, training centre and community centre.

It was destroyed in the conflict of 2009 and Islamic Help was instrumental in its reconstruction.

That commitment has continued with the support for the private school where the orphans receive free education and care, including meals.

It has helped improve the quality of the children’s lives, enhanced their future prospects and alleviated some of the burdens faced by their struggling families.

As well as the orphans’ school, Islamic Help has supported 37 students from poor and needy families with their tuition fees.

We have also repaired damaged facilities at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS), allowing 8,000 students to resume studies, and supported 160 disabled patients and 10 staff at the Al Basma Society, which looks after patients with cerebral palsy, by improving access and maintenance at their premises.