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Not All Orphans Are Annie

20 th June, 2015

It is no secret that a significant portion of the world’s vulnerable population is children and that many of these have been abandoned or orphaned as a result of the difficulties they face.

The impact of war in areas like Bosnia and Yemen, as well as ethnic and political discrimination in countless other conflict-ridden regions, means too many of the world’s children are left at risk, with no family and no home.

Orphans face more than difficult living situations though, and they miss out on more than a loving home and family. Their tragedy at a young age affects their life long term, leaving them exposed to threats and violation of their human rights, as well as limited prospects in terms of education and work, which only serves to hinder their recovery and minimise their potential.

You see, not all orphans are Annie.

In the UK, as well as in many other countries like the USA and various parts of Europe, we make the mistake of believing all orphans are properly cared for, usually by their new families who dote on them endlessly.

Sometimes, we even have a slightly romanticised idea of what an orphan is.

This is due, in large part, to Hollywood and other such sugar-coated representations. Just because we hear of happy endings, where orphaned children find new families and go on to live a charmed life, we become complacent and assume that that’s the norm. Unfortunately, we’re wrong.

By looking slightly further afield, to regions such as those frequented by Islamic Help’s volunteers, you will find that many orphans (the majority, in some cases) continue to struggle in the face of poverty and hunger, overshadowed by war and socio-political challenges.

Unlike the rags-to-riches fairy tale of Annie, these children don’t find their way to a New York mansion full of toys and cheerful staff, nor are they rescued by a generous Daddy Warbucks figure. They have to fend for themselves, except when they are given a helping hand by relief and aid organisations like ours.

With the financial donations and countless hours contributed by our staff and volunteers, we can venture to all corners of the globe, to help those children in need of care, support and basic life essentials like food and medicine.

In order for us to be able to offer such support though, we need your help. We need you to be impassioned, to raise awareness, and to take action. Volunteer a few hours of your time, pledge financially to a cause, or help us educate others on the circumstances, needs and value of deprived orphans in the world’s toughest regions.

Not all orphans are Annie, and we can’t promise the sun will come out tomorrow…but here at Islamic Help, we will do our best to ensure it comes out one day, as soon as possible.

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